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Traditional plant stands basically seem to come in two styles: those mid-century-modern ones that stay low to the ground and fit just one big pot and the more bookshelf-style bamboo units with a few shelves that can hold a bunch of smaller plants. These conventional options can be good-looking and super-functional, but they’re also a bit limiting. Thankfully, a plant stand can really be any object you can place a plant on.

MTB plant stand is durable, safe, and easy to clean and remove. Give your home, deck, or patio the perfect combination of classic style and natural beauty with our charming plant stand. Create attractive displays of potted flowers, it is ideal for patios, porches, and balconies.

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MTB Plant Stand 10 inch Black Potted Plant Stand, Flower Pot Rack Holder, 6 Pack

MTB Plant Stand 10 inch Black Potted Plant Stand, Flower Pot Rack Holder, 6 PackPackage contains 6 p..

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