Galvanized Welded Wire

Long-lasting & Durable-The right galvanized welded wire for every application

At MTB, we use 20 gauge steel wire that is galvanized and designed with a double direction hexagonal twist to provide our customers with a poultry netting for chicken enclosure and gardens that lasts the test of time. Our galvanized welded wire is super sturdy and lightweight to provide you with a simple and reliable way to keep the large animals or predators like dogs and cats out. Our lawn netting is perfect for protecting your garden, crops, plants, and fruits from birds and other small animals that want to harm your plants without preventing light and moisture from reaching your crops and fruit.

 MTB wire fence for the garden is galvanized before packing to prevent it from rusting while adding more durability to ensure it provides long-lasting use. Thanks to its durability, it makes for the perfect predator protection guard while ensuring small animals like chickens and rabbits stay safely inside. Whether you want to keep your garden flower bed, vegetable, grapevines, farm field, and landscape safe from animals like cat, dog, gopher, goat, and pest as repeller, keep chickens from getting out or simply make a protective fence or enclosures, around the house, our rust-resistant garden fencing wire has you covered. 

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When it comes to all of your gardening needs, MTB has you covered. Find garden netting at MTB today. Shop galvanized welded wire online at MTB Supply Inc.-A Southern California based imports & exports wholesaler and online retailer. With brands "MTB", "MTB Supply", our product line consists of multiple categories of home & garden supplies: fencing, hardware, garden planting and decorating products, pet cages, tools, etc. MTB Supply is dedicated to picking and providing top-notched products and services to the market and customers. Besides, we provide free shipping for all products. If you have any questions or needs, please contact us by

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