Fence Panels For Your Garden

Fence Panels For Your Garden

A fence can keep out noisy neighbors and possible intruders, and it can also boost your home’s curb appeal—without breaking the bank. Having a fence can enhance the privacy and curb appeal of your home. Some fences add a break between crowded houses and street traffic, while others are designed as an added layer of security between home and the outside world. And some panels are installed to keep out unwanted animals. Whether you want more privacy or just an accent for your home, fence panels allow a custom look around your outdoor area

Wood or metal panels

Wooden fence panels are generally made from red cedar or pressure-treated wood. Cedar boards can naturally resist decay and insects, and they work whether you decide to stain the wood or leave unfinished. Pressure-treated wood can withstand the elements to maintain its appearance for a long time, and is also easy to paint or stain.


Metal fence panels are another choice for you to consider. The pre-fabricated aluminum panel frame allows you to add on standard wood slats and finish them to create an upscale look. The metal panels can resist rot, warping and rusting. 

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Panels for every need 

Wood fence panels are good for creating a privacy fence that blends into your outdoor areas. If you want a lattice-top design to let light through while still maintaining privacy, you’ll want panels at least six feet tall for this application.

 Shorter panels can be used around a garden or other play areas. You can also use them to create a quick storage space to conceal your garbage cans, air conditioning units or compost piles.

 Whether you’re thinking big panels or small ones, the process of installing wood fencing panels is generally the same. Plan the layout first, then measure the space between posts, dig the holes and set the posts. After doing that, you’re ready to attach your panels and have your new fence.

DIY or hire a professional

Some homeowners can install simple fencing themselves. However, because of time constraints and the physical demands of the work, you may want to hire a professional to install it.

 A DIY installation can save you money, but it also has the risk of mistakes. Fixing those mistakes later may cost more than that you hire a professional at the begining.

 If you plan to install a large privacy or security fence, hire a trusted contractor is your best choice. He is more likely to lead to good results and complete the work on time. When hiring, interview three or four professionals and get your price quote in writing before the construction begins.


Before installing your fence, check local, county and state codes to ensure your structure is compliant.


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