Sod Staples

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Sod staples can be used to hold down irrigation pipes, electric pet fences, landscaping material, and more. These staples are usually used to anchor landscape fabric (weed barriers, ground covers, etc.), but are also used to hold the sod in place on steep slopes while the rest of the installation continues. MTB makes it easy to purchase all the staples you need to complete your project and get the best results.

 MTB staples are made the best gardening tool to enhance your home, patio, yard, garden, raised bed, landscaping projects. Hundreds of commercial and professional uses with Landscape fabric, weed barrier, border fencing, Geo cloth, ground tissues, turf saver, burlap, fleece, erosion, and rodent control like rabbits, squirrels, gophers... Keep dogs and other animals digging in your gardens and beds, also to secure and pin down deer and bird nets, and much more.

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When it comes to all of your gardening needs, MTB has you covered. Find garden decor at MTB today. Shop sod staples online at MTB Supply Inc.-A Southern California based imports & exports wholesaler and online retailer. With brands "MTB", "MTB Supply", our product line consists of multiple categories of home & garden supplies: fencing, hardware, garden planting and decorating products, pet cages, tools, etc. MTB Supply is dedicated to picking and providing top-notched products and services to the market and customers. Besides, we provide free shipping for all products. If you have any questions or needs, please contact us by

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