choose Solar Led Lights

choose Solar Led Lights

How to Choose the Best Solar LED Garden and Landscape Lights

  • How many lights do you need?
  • Design & Dimensions
  • Light
  • Solar Panel & Battery
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion
  • Solar LED Technology + Innovative Decorative Housings = The Best Garden Solar Lights. Our goal in this review is to identify the best LED solar garden and landscape lights for your needs and aesthetic preferences.

    Solar garden lights are an efficient way of illuminating areas around your home landscaping and in your gardens.

    Solar-powered garden lights are eco-friendly and affordable, and as an added benefit, you don’t have to worry about wiring and stringing cables to provide an outdoor power source.

    What Are The Best Solar LED Garden And Landscape Lights?

    Whether you’re looking for the best solar garden lights or the best solar landscape lights, we’ve reviewed the 5 best solar yard lights and solar landscaping lights with which you can create ambient light effects, and illuminate garden paths for the enjoyment of your family and guests.

    Solar garden lights are easy to set up and use. They commonly consist of a pole with stake you can simply drive into the ground to place the light wherever you need, for example next to a garden path or flower bed. The top of the pole houses a light source and a solar panel to charge the internal battery.


    A sensor will automatically trigger the solar garden lights when it’s dark. The main differences between models are in size, materials used as well as battery and solar cell capacity. We’ll give you more tips on how to select the right model for your garden after our top selection of best solar garden lights.

    The solar garden lights we’ve reviewed are similar in some aspects: they are easy to assemble, don’t require any wiring, include a battery and a light sensor for automatic on and off, and come as a pack with more than one light included. However, there are some factors you will want to consider in order to choose the best solar garden lights for your needs.

      How many lights do you need?

      There is no clear formula, so this will always involve some guesswork and a bit of trial. Depending on the size of your property and what you want to illuminate, chances are you will need more than one pack of lights.

      For paths and walkways, you might want to place a light to both the left and right of the part and space them close together, or no more than 3 feet apart.

      For stairs, a light to the side of each step might be best to ensure proper visibility. For landscaping and decorating, think of the effect you want to accomplish and where you’ll place the lights.

      If you’re on a budget, look at the packs with a larger number of lights.

      Design & Dimensions

      We’ve specified the size of each model, and from the pictures, you can get a good impression of what the lights will look like in their surroundings. Many go for the unobtrusive look with stainless steel, but there are other color options available. A taller light can illuminate a slightly larger area around it.


      The strength of light is measured in lumens. Solar garden lights use LEDs as an efficient source with low consumption. Depending on the model, they commonly range between 5 and 15 lumens.

      That is very soft light – casual reading requires ambient light of at least 300 lumens. In terms of color temperature, most solar lights come in bright white, although some models also feature a soft white or warm white option, emitting a light that appears warmer or more yellow.

      These are great for decorative purposes. As an example, the Gigalumi landscaping lights comes in these different light colors.

      Solar Panel & Battery

      Solar garden lights have a set & forget configuration. When you first receive them, you should initially charge the battery to its full capacity. Usually the solar panel and battery are well combined to give you enough light for one night with a full charge. A common battery capacity is 600mAh, although some models feature more or less powerful batteries.

      FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Garden Lights

      Question: How do you decide which model is best for you?

      Answer: Solar garden lights are an effective and affordable way to illuminate your property and outside areas with soft, ambient light.  The primary factors you’ll need to consider are:

      Brightness as expressed in lumens
      Lighting time from a full charge
      Light color and hue
      Light housing style and aesthetics

      Question: How do solar garden lights work?

      Answer: The solar powered garden lights we’ve reviewed feature a classic design: a metal or plastic tube has a light source attached at one end, commonly in an opaque and light-enhancing plastic container. A lid on top houses the solar cell.

      With a stake at the bottom, the lights can easily be placed in the ground. During the day, solar cell charges a battery inside. When it gets dark, a sensor triggers the light source, usually an LED.

      The light will stay on until the sun rises, or until the battery is depleted.

      Question: How long do solar garden lights last?

      Answer: The light hours of solar garden lights vary, but most are designed to last through the night on a full charge. A higher battery capacity means longer charging hours until full, but also provides a longer operational span each night. A light time between six and eight hours is common.

      Question: Do these lights require maintenance?

      Answer: After the initial setup, you should make sure that the solar garden lights receive enough sunshine during the day and are not in the shade of plants or buildings. You can optimize charging by cleaning the solar panel on a regular basis to avoid dust and dirt interfering with the charging. In the wintertime, snow on top of the solar panel will also prevent it from functioning. If you’re not using your solar garden lights, turn them off and store them in a dry place. Eventually, you’ll have to replace the battery.

      Question: How durable are solar garden lights?

      Answer: Stainless steel is a common material for these outdoor lights, with additional plastic parts. One model we’ve reviewed is entirely constructed from durable ABS plastic. None of these lights use glass to avoid shattering of the material and possible injury. The lights are sealed to protect the battery and LED as well as the solar cell, yet you should not submerge them in liquid. They are weatherproof to withstand rain, snow and frost.


      Solar powered garden lights are not only environmentally friendly, they also save you money on your energy bill. They are incredibly easy to set up and give you endless flexibility in designing your garden and landscaping projects, all without the hassle of having to string any wires or relying on a power outlet. You can quickly rearrange them to your liking and are almost maintenance-free.


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