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15 Plants That Bloom Indoors In Winter

15 Plants That Bloom Indoors In Winter

Wintertime in the Northeast can get pretty drab. I know it's pretty tempting to want to grab some fresh cut flowers from the corner store, but why not consider some winter blooming plants (with roots)! 

Over the years, I've enjoyed blooming flowers not just in the spring and summer—but all season long. The key is finding the plants that like to flower in winter, or in some cases, like to bloom all year long. Here are fifteen of my fresh picks.

Jasmine typically blooms in the spring through fall, but it also can bloom in winter, and is often sold in stores during the winter months in bloom. If you want to produce winter blossoms in your home, you will need to give your jasmine a period of rest in the fall. Nights should be dark, as any light—like streetlights or indoor lights—can affect this. Once it blooms, prune it back quite heavily, which in general is a good practice since jasmine has a tendency to grow unwieldy.

This beautiful succulent is a member of the Asteracea family and prefers well-drained soil for succulents.  It doesn't mind being in slightly cooler conditions in the winter, around 50°F, but I keep my plant near a drafty window and it still puts out great flowers. It's not atypical for these plants to die back after a few years, so if you see signs of that, just make a cutting and restart the plant. 

Crown-of-Thorns (Euphorbia milii)
The Crown-of-Thorns gets its name from its thorny stems. The plant also exudes a poisonous white latex when broken, which you should try to avoid getting on your skin. Cuttings are made at the tip, and the flowers of this plant, much like the Poinsettia and the Anthurium, are relatively inconspicuous but are surrounded by petal-like bracts—often in red or yellow hues. 

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)
The Poinsettia's flowers are actually the inconspicuous little yellow buds that are subtended by the red, white or pink bracts. These plants are often tossed after the holidays, but you can continue having the Poinsettia around your house. If you take care of it, it may even turn into a shrub. The key to taking care of this plant is to keep it warm. It hates drafts. And it needs to be in a sunny area, but kept away from too much hot afternoon sun. 


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