Glow in the Dark Pebbles

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Glow-in-the-dark stones or pebbles are easy and flexible ways to decorate almost any part of your home, yard, or garden. You only need to let them lie in the sun and soak up the rays while you wait for the magic to happen as soon as it goes dark. Attach along the sides of the steps to make a walk path or line a walkway as a stepping stone to the garage or swimming pool to be seen easily at night. Spell address and house number or to outline the fence or pool as landscaping stones.

These radiating light stones can literally be used almost anywhere to create a dreamy and surreal environment. Put them around the birdbath, fill in around the fire pit or in the aquarium, fish tank, or plant vases. Great for lighting exterior walkway lighting. Glow-in-the-dark pebbles mark a path or highlight a flower bed. After being exposed to daylight, these pebbles glow in the dark.

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